A logistics management software that can revolutionize your business.

Say good bye to your papper work and excel sheets, start using our logistic tracking software platforms and discover the easy way of managing your logistiv business.

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Why your business needs logistics
software support?

Why your logistics business needs supports? Efficiency both internal and external forms the basis of smooth operations. Logistics companies require a goood supply chain backed with an ideal ERP based system.The purpose of any software is to be able to promote efficient management, increase productivirty, offer customer satisfaction and be a cost saver for the company.

who can use?

We have software solutions
for all kind of logistic bussinesses.

mobile app for drivers

App package comes width the solutions whitch is added advantage to increase your customer base.All the features available in the web platform for customer base. All the features available in the web platform for customer are replicated in the mobile application. Driver interface shows assigned shipments, status update and POD signature upload functionalities.